Family Work Requirements

Current Work Opportunities


Event Manager Jobs - LABOR DAY PICNIC JOB STILL OPEN. Do you enjoy organizing parties? 4 – 8 work hours depending on the event. Note that these jobs require planning in advance of the event in addition to being onsite to ensure events are running smoothly.

On Site Event Manager Jobs3 work hours.

Work Hours for Club Signature Event – Celebration of the Peach (September 7) – more jobs may be posted for this event at a later date.

Membership Work Policy

  1. (Updated 2018) Each member family is required to make a significant contribution to the operation of the club. Each member family will be expected to contribute no less than the number of hours established yearly by the Board of Directors, of which half should be spent on the club’s infrastructure: Buildings, Grounds, Pool Facilities or Tennis Facilities. The Board of Directors reserves the right to assign member families a particular task as needs arise as well as assigning a specific deadline. Failure to comply with these assignments and failure to meet the end date will result in a fine up to $600 as determined by the Board, separate from any other work job related fee. As of 2010, the number of hours per family is 8.
  2. If your child(ren) participate on swim or tennis team, there may be job requirements specifically for those teams which are separate and distinct from the 8 hour club requirements (see swim team and tennis team pages for more details). The jobs worked for team events do not apply toward club work hours.
  3. Children under 16 are ineligible to contribute to a family’s annual work commitment. Children must be 16 or older to contribute work time.
  4. Committee members who contribute committee service will be credited for work time towards their work obligations.
  5. (Updated 2012) Committee chairpersons or Board Committee leads will verify member family work hours credited for completed tasks and will communicate those hours to the Club member responsible for tracking and reporting work hours.
  6. (Updated 2012) Member families that have not completed their required work hours by the end of the work job season (considered the date of the Club’s Annual Meeting in November), or who do not alert the Board to any inaccurate posting or reporting of the member family hours completed (should this occur) will be assessed a non-negotiable work fee as part of their following season’s annual dues -as noted in Section IX.
  7. (Updated 2012) Upon completion of a full 2 year term on the Board of Directors, that member will be exempt from work for the length of time equal to that member’s board service. For example, if a member serves on the Board for 2 years, that member is exempt from mandatory work service for the following 2 years. Historically past and current Board Members have always volunteered their time to work at the club for the benefit of the club as a whole despite this waiver of work service as noted.
  8. (Updated 2012) - Upon completion of a 2 year term as President of the Board of Directors, that member will be exempt from work jobs for life. Also the Board can vote and waive work jobs for life as a special exception, for any Board Member role after the nominated Board Member has served on the Board for a minimum of 2 years for contributions to the club as a Board Member that far exceeded expectations which also contributed to the longevity of the club. This is done only by a formal nomination to the Board, by any Board member, to recognize a peer Board member for this recognition.

Pool Sitting

Pool Sitting is a procedure whereby designated members remain on Club premises during evening hours to discourage any attempts at evening vandalism. Each member will be responsible approximately once every two years for one evening of pool sitting.

In order to make pool-sitting assignment as pleasurable as possible, some relaxing of pool and ground rules have been made. The following delineates the responsibilities of the assigned members and those rules, which will be relaxed during the pool sitting period.

  1. (Updated 2018)The member specified in the pool sitting assignment list is responsible, regardless of weather, for being at the pool from 7:45 PM to 10:00 PM on the evening assigned.
  2. (Updated 2013) The pool sitter shall report to the Club Director or in their absence, the senior lifeguard at 7:45 PM for briefing. Pool sitters arriving after 7:45pm will receive a fine of $30.00 plus tax per half hour late.
  3. The assigned member must arrange for a substitute member if not able to be present and post the substitute’s name on the chart provided at the pool. The name of the substitute must be provided to the Membership committee at least 7 days prior to the actual pool sitting evening. Only adult members may be substitutes. If a pool sitter fails to perform the duty, the pool sitter may be assessed up to an amount specified by the Board of Directors and specified in Section IX at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  4. The pool sitter shall be charged for specific breakage and other damage to property caused by himself or his guests during his pool sitting. If the services of a club or other employee are required to clean up the next day, the member shall be so notified and charged the hourly wage for such services.
  5. During the pool-sitting period, no lifeguards are on duty, so any person swimming does so at his own risk. The Club assumes no responsibility for any accidents involving use of the pool during the pool sitting period.
  6. The pool sitter assumes no responsibility for other members or their guests using the pool during the pool sitting period. The pool sitter may ask any person, who in his judgment is annoying, or harassing others or affecting the health or safety of others, to leave the premises. If the pool sitter feels the person(s) will not respond, the pool sitter should not confront the person, but call the police and report the incident.
  7. There will be one member present during the pool sitting period who is 21 years of age or older, who for the majority of the pool sitting period, will remain physically in the pool area.
  8. Non- member guests of the pool sitter will be permitted during the pool-sitting period without fee or charge against guest privileges.
  9. The pool sitter is required to limit the number of invited non-member guests to thirty (30).
  10. It will be permissible to have food within the pool area during the pool sitting period; glass, however, is not permitted on the pool deck.
  11. During the pool sitting period, members are expected to conduct themselves and to require their guests to conduct themselves in a responsible adult manner, taking into consideration the proximity of neighbors. No loud music is permitted after 9:30PM.
  12. Pool sitting privileges do not preempt tennis court reservations.
  13. (Updated 2018) At a time not earlier than 10:00 PM, the responsible member will police the grounds and lock the facilities per the check list of instructions provided at the clubhouse. The pool sitter is responsible for leaving the Club premises in the same condition as he received it, ready for the resumption of normal pool activities the next morning. This rule will be strictly enforced by the Board of Directors.
  14. The Club Director shall report to the President (Board of Directors) if, in their judgment, the Club premises have not been left in a condition consistent with above rules. The Board of Directors shall, after consideration of arguments, take appropriate actions in cases of failure to comply with above rules such as loss of pool sitting privileges, loss of guest privileges, a fine in an amount specified by the Board of Directors, and specified in Section IX, or expulsion.
  15. The pool sitting list shall be drawn up in alphabetical order. When openings appear during the summer, new members shall have the first opportunity to fill vacancies.
  16. Members of the Board of Directors shall have first choice of pool sitting dates or may opt to not pool sit.
  17. All Pool Sitting parties should not start prior to 7:00 PM.

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