Rules & Bylaws

Please click on 2019 Club Bylaws for a copy of our most recent Rules and Bylaws. See Work, Swimming and Tennis pages for additional policies.

The following rules have been defined for the prime purpose of providing maximum enjoyment and utilization of the Club facilities by the members. It is impossible to prepare a set of rules that anticipates every possible situation. Therefore, it is required and expected that every member will exercise common sense, honesty and consideration for others in the use of the facilities. Members will also be responsible for informing their families and guests of these rules. The Vice President will be available during the year to respond to members’ questions regarding the intent, interpretation, or recommendations for revisions to these rules. Questions or comments, preferably in writing, should be addressed to the Club Vice President.


1. The Club Director is in complete charge of the grounds, programs, facilities, and property of the club. The Club Director and their assistants are authorized to enforce the Club rules on behalf of the Board of Directors. The Club Director, or their next in charge, may forbid the use of all or part of the Club facilities to any person who flagrantly jeopardizes the health, safety, or comfort of the members. The Club Director or their next-in charge has the authority to expel unruly persons from the use of the Club facilities for a specified number of days. Notice of such action will be sent to the Board of Directors. The Head Tennis Pro, when present, is in complete charge of the tennis court area.

2. All persons using the Club facilities do so at their own risk. Parents are responsible for the behavior and welfare of their own children.

3. The cost of any negligent or willful property damage will be charged to the responsible member.

4. The Club will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to, personal property.

5. If a member fails to pay work/guest fees within 30 days of billing he will automatically be assessed an additional late fee in an amount specified by the Board of Directors and as specified in Section IX.

6. If a member violates any of the Club’s Rules and Regulations, the Board of Directors may assess a fine against such member of not more than an amount per violation as specified by the Board of Directors, plus any damages. A member is responsible for the actions of all family members and guests. A member shall be given the opportunity for a hearing before the Board of Directors if a member wishes to contest the fine.

7. Club facilities are closed to members under 16 years of age after 8:00 p.m., unless accompanied by an adult member designated by a parent or guardian.


  1. No pets are allowed on Club property.
  2. Motor vehicle use is limited to the road and parking area only.
  3. Driveway speed shall not exceed 5 miles per hour. Always be alert for children.
  4. Parking is permitted in the designated parking lot only. The circle at the clubhouse shall be used for dropping off and picking up passengers only.
  5. Members are responsible for leaving their picnic tables and area, locker rooms, and all other facilities clean.
  6. Before leaving the premises, members are to return lawn chairs to the area designated for that purpose.
  7. Picnic tables must not be reserved for extended periods prior to or following actual picnicking, if crowded conditions prevail.
  8. (Updated 2017) Fires must be confined to grills or fire pit. Hot coals must be disposed of in the containers provided for this purpose. No fire pit or any other type of open burning allowed on the grounds of the Club at any time with the exception of the Minnechaug Sponsored Camp Out Night.
  9. No fireworks are permitted on the grounds of the Club.
  10. No child under the age of 12 shall be permitted on the club premises unless accompanied by a parent or a responsible person designated by the parent that is at least 15 years old.
  11. (Updated 2013) Taking into consideration the proximity of neighbors, no live or excessively loud entertainments, (e.g. Djs, Open Mic, Karaoke) is allowed at the Club at any time; other than at Club sponsored social events. Bands will not be permitted to play at any time including Club sponsored events without prior approval of the Board. Violators will be subject to a fine up to $250 as determined by the Board of Directors.


It is the responsibility of all members to police and report violations of these rules. Violations should be reported to the pool or tennis director or any member of the Board of Directors. The member sponsor is responsible for the signing of the appropriate guest book.

  1. All members and their accompanied guests must sign the appropriate Sign-In Book. A guest shall be defined as a non-member who makes use of the pool, pool area, picnic areas, or tennis facilities. Any member failing to sign in guests will be charged double the normal rate.
  2. Each member family is allowed a maximum of 30 guests during the official season. There will be no transfer of guest privileges. Board members will not be charged guest fees but will be limited to the usual number of guests allowed per season. An individual guest may not use the facilities more than two days per calendar month regardless of the member bringing him. It is the responsibility of the member to ascertain whether or not the guest has previously used the facility during that calendar month.
  3. Guest fees will be charged for guests using the pool, and picnic areas which begins Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. Total number of guests after 5 PM on weekdays shall be limited to 5 in any one evening and a maximum of 24 allowed per season.
  4. Fees for any guest using the pool, pool area, picnic areas, or tennis facilities shall be charged at an amount specified by the Board of Directors for each day and specified in Section IX for each day.
  5. The Pool and Tennis Program Committees will be responsible for preparing and reviewing the appropriate guest book for guest use. The billing of members for guests will be the responsibility of the Membership Committee. No money will be collected at the club.
  6. Guest rules will be strictly enforced in order to be fair to all and avoid conflict. Any questions or requests for exceptions to the guest rules should be submitted in writing to the Vice President.
  7. Use of the Club facilities by any outside group must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.
  8. Baby-sitters caring for a member’s children will not count toward the member’s guest quota and guest fee.
  9. Overnight, out-of-town/state “house guests” may use the club facilities for the duration of their stay for a total of $25 per week (7 days) (per family). Forms must be filled out with the Club Director and guests are to be signed in daily.


A member may have a private party on Club premises provided it does not interfere with the day-today operation of the Club and does not infringe upon, or jeopardize, any member or their guests. There may be no more than one party at a time with a limit of 3hrs/party. Exceptions may be approved by the majority of the Board of Directors at a regular scheduled meeting.

  1. (Updated 2013) A Party is defined as a gathering of up to 25 guests by one or more member families at one time.
  2. (Updated 2013) A request to have a party may be made via our website under the forms section. Completed party request forms will be reviewed by the party coordinator, taking into consideration club resources, needs and other commitments prior to approval. Members will be notified by the party coordinator with a decision as soon as possible.
  3. (Updated 2012) Parties shall be limited to 25 guests. There must be one member present during the party who is 21 years of age or older. The member shall be responsible for the conduct of his guests and shall be responsible for all clean up following the conclusion of the party. The member shall be charged for any damage to property caused by himself or his guests. If the services of the Club Director or other employee are required to clean up following the party, the member shall be so notified and charged the hourly wage for such services.
  4. A non refundable Party Fee in an amount specified by the Board of Directors, as specified in Section IX, will be charged at the time the party request form is submitted. The number of non member guests attending the party will NOT count against the annual limit of 30 guests per season. The guest register should be signed in as follows – Member Name - Party – Number of Guests – Time (duration) of party. The member need not list the name of each guest.
  5. (Added 2013) All parties must end when the pool closes at 7:45pm.
  6. Parties shall not involve use of the tennis facilities.
  7. Members are limited to two parties per season.
  8. These party provisions are separate and distinct from those applicable to parties held by pool-sitters.
  9. Unapproved parties will be subject to a Party Fee plus a Rules and Regulation Violation Fee.
  10. Social events, swim meets, Board of Directors meetings have facility priority over all scheduled and approved private parties.
  11. Club facilities or picnic areas may not be reserved for any private party.
  12. (Updated 2011) Board members are waived from paying party fees however, all other rules and guidelines notes in this section apply.