Home to Five Har-Tru Tennis Courts, 4 with Lights

Minnechaug is home to five Har-Tru tennis courts and one hard surface tennis court.Courts are available for play from sunrise until 11:00 p.m. Courts must be reserved by signing your name on the reservation sheets posted on the tennis bulletin board. All guests must be signed in on the bulletin board prior to play.

Har-Tru courts are watered between 11:15 and 12:30 each day and take approximately 30 minutes to dry during normal conditions. Watering schedule is posted on the sign-up sheets located on the tennis bulletin board.

Courts must be swept and all trash put in trash receptacles during the last five minutes of court reservation.

Players must provide their own balls and remove their balls at the end of play. Clay court regular duty felt balls play best on the Har-Tru surface.

Players must wear proper soft court, smooth soled tennis sneakers on Har-Tru courts. Absolutely no running shoes, shoes with ridges or uneven soles, or open toe shoes are allowed on Har-Tru courts.

Tennis Staff

Rielly Malz

Head Pro

Rielly is returning from her freshman year at Springfield College for more fun, teaching, and creative game playing with our youth tennis players!

Rielly teaches tennis during the school year at East Hartford Racquet Club. She taught tennis through Glastonbury Parks & Recreation in the spring and summer of 2017.

Rielly is an accomplished player where she played #2 doubles and #4 singles her freshman year at Springfield College. She was also played #2 singles while at Glastonbury High School.

Liam Scott

Tennis Assistant

Welcome Liam to his first year at Minnechaug as a Tennis Assistant!

Liam is a senior at Loomis Chaffee and is a member of the tennis team. He will be attending Georgetown University in the fall.

Zachary Booth

Tennis Assistant

Welcome Zach to his first year at Minnechaug as a Tennis Assistant!

Zach finishes up his Sophmore year at GHS where he is a 3 season athlete and an accomplished student. He looks forward to training future Minnechaug Tennis Stars!

General Information

  1. Members should become familiar with the court rules that will be posted on the tennis court bulletin board.
  2. Only participating tennis players are permitted on the courts. Proper tennis attire is required.
  3. Court conduct will not be disruptive to players on adjoining courts.
  4. Use of more than four (4) tennis balls on Har-Tru courts 1, 2, 3, and 4 will not be permitted except when sanctioned by the tennis committee.
  5. Soft soled tennis shoes must be worn on the Har-Tru courts. This type of shoe is distinguished by a smooth or relatively smooth bottom. No shoes with ridges are allowed such as the typical basketball gym shoe or jogging shoe. Under no circumstances are hard soled shoes or bare feet allowed within the enclosure. Sneakers or tennis shoes must be worn on the hard surface courts.
  6. Players are responsible for policing the court after use. This includes: sweeping the Har-Tru courts and line, hanging up all equipment, and placing all trash, including used tennis cans and tops, in receptacles.
  7. No play is allowed on Har-Tru Courts after they are closed in October.
  8. Members are prohibited from providing lessons to other members or club guests on the club property for any type of monetary gain or barter on or off the club property. This rule does not apply to members who are on the tennis staff payroll and who may give lessons for a fee.
  9. Tennis professionals and instructors, not employed by the Club, are prohibited from giving lessons, for pay or barter, using the club facilities. However, guest instructors may be invited to supplement the Club’s resident professional, but only when sanctioned by the tennis chair/committee.

Scheduling Courts

  1. The tennis courts will be available for use as long as weather conditions permit. To prevent damage to the playing surface, the courts will be closed during wet periods. Players are expected to exercise judgment concerning the condition of the courts; however, final authority as to condition resides with the tennis committee or its designee.
  2. Blocks of time may be set aside by the tennis committee with the approval of the Board of Directors for the purpose of instruction, tournament play or other events.
  3. Court time is divided into prime and non-prime time periods, each period 1-1/2 hours in duration. Court policing must be completed within the time period. Prime time is defined as daily after 5 PM, all day Saturday and before 12 noon on Sunday and legal holidays.
  4. Junior members (under eighteen) may not reserve courts after 6:30 PM.
  5. Prime Time Limitations: Families are entitled to reserve only one (1) prime time play per day. Each family is allowed to reserve not more than two (2) prime time periods each week.
  6. Any member is eligible for a prime time slot on a weekend or holiday if he or she has an out-of-state guest, regardless of their usage prior in the week; normal guest fees apply.
  7. Non-Prime Time Limitations: Families are entitled to reserve only one (1) non-prime time play per day. Each family is allowed to reserve not more than three (3) non-prime time periods each week.
  8. Periods that have not been reserved by 6 PM on the day preceding the day of the scheduled time may be reserved by any member. Periods so reserved will not be charged against the daily and weekly limits specified in Rules 5 and 7. These periods should be indicated by circling the name.