Makos Swim Team

The Minnechaug Makos Swim Team provides a positive fun experience for all levels of swimmers. All kids through age 18 are encouraged to join! No prior swim team experience is necessary.

Any swimmer 18 or under as of May 31, 2019 and is a graduating senior from high school in 2019 is eligible.

Our League: As of 2019 Minnechaug is now part of the Capital Area Association of Private Swim Clubs (CAAPSC). Teams in our league include: Pine Acres, South Windsor, Glenbrooke, Woodledge, Orchard Hill and Pinebrook.

Coaching Staff

Andy Ahlberg

Co Head Coach

Andy is a GHS All-American Swimmer. He graduated from University of Iowa where he was named to the Big-10 All-Conference Swim Team. He returns for his 5th season as Head Coach of the Makos!

Joe Ahlberg

Co Head Coach

Coach Joe who will be joining us this year as a Head Coach. Joe has years of experience as a competitive swimmer, and has also been coaching both at the Recreational and USA level.

Brynn Campbell

Lead Assistant Coach

Brynn returns for her 3rd season of coaching the Makos! Brynn had a successful swim career at GHS. She will be a Junior at Connecticut College this fall and also swims for the women's team.

Spencer Miller

Assistant Coach

Spencer is back for his second year as an assistant coach for the Makos! Spencer is a graduating Senior at GHS and a varsity swimmer for the GHS boys team. Spencer is attending UCONN this fall!

Hallie Campbell

Assistant Coach

Hallie is a graduating Senior at GHS and a varsity swimmer for the GHS girls team.

Shane Conroy

Assistant Coach

Shane is a graduating Senior at GHS and a varsity swimmer for the GHS boys team. He will be attending Ithaca College in the fall, and will be swimming for the men's team.

Practice Schedule

Swimmers will be confirmed of practice group assignments before start of practice, however this is generally how the groups are comprised.

Green Group: Usually around age 5-7 must be able to complete one length of the pool without assistance and show a strong interest in the swim team. Green team members have the option (but are not required) to compete in two home meets during the season.

Yellow Group: Intermediate Experienced swimmers (usually around ages 8-10)

  • 8 (and under if moved up to yellow) must be able to complete at least one length of the pool in all strokes.
  • 9-10 - must be able to complete at least two lengths of the pool in all strokes.

Blue Group: Advanced Experienced swimmers (usually around ages 11 and up) must be able to complete at least four lengths of the pool (without stopping) swimming freestyle, as well as be able to perform all of the four strokes.

Strokes = freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke, back stroke


*For swimmers who missed morning practice or would like a second practice.


Time: 10:15 - 12pm

Days: Monday - Friday


Time: 12:00pm - 1pm

Days: Monday - Friday


Time: 12pm - 1pm

Days: M, W, Th


Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Blue/Yellow : Monday - Thursday

Green: M, W, Th

Swimmer Expectations

  • Yellow and Blue Practice Groups should do their best to attend a minimum of 3 practices a week.
  • Try to participate in at least 5 weeks of the season.
  • Swim in at least 4 meets.
  • If you need an exception for family vacation or summer camp, please inform the coaches prior to your absence.
  • Unless family commitments stand in the way, swimmers are expected to participate in Championships.

Family Expectations/Parent Jobs

  • Swim Team follows the same rules regarding age requirements for when swimmers can attend practices and meets unaccompanied: No child under the age of 12 shall be permitted on the club premises unless accompanied by a parent or a responsible person designated by the parent that is at least 15 years old.
  • Parents run the meets. Each year we evaluate the number of jobs each swim team family will have to work based on the number of families registered for swim team, as there are always a finite number of jobs that must be filled. Due to the increased number of jobs at home meets in our new league, EACH FAMILY SHOULD EXPECT TO WORK EVERY HOME MEET. Failure to fulfill this commitment will result in a $50 fine. Job pages will be communicated prior to each meet.
  • Swim Team Parent jobs are separate and distinct from the 8 hour club requirements. The jobs worked at a swim meet do not apply toward club work hours.
  • Click Here for parent job descriptions.

Important Dates & Meet Schedule

All teams will have 5 dual meets with an optional scrimmage meet. Some pools use the scrimmage to give swimmers additional qualifying times for championships. We are estimating 3 weekday dual meets and 2 Saturday dual meets.

Weekday meets will begin at 5pm with swimmer arrival approximately 1 hour before start (check in and warm ups). Saturday meets to begin at 9 am.

Swimmer confirmation requests will be sent 7-10 days prior to each meet. It will be critical for parents to confirm status of swimmer’s attendance to plan for each meet.

Sunday June 2nd @ 3:30-4:30pm (tentative) -Placement for New Team Members & New Parent Orientation: New Swimmer Evaluation, new swim team members will come ready to show their stuff to Coach Andy.

Thursday June 13: First day of practice

Friday June 21st - Time Trials @ 10:30am, Makeup June 24th @ 4:30pm

Wednesday June 26: Woodledge @ Minnechaug, Swimmer Check In 4pm, Meet Start 5pm

Saturday June 29: Minnechaug @ Pine Acres Pool Club, 196 Western Boulevard, Wethersfield, Swimmer Check In 8am, Meet Start 9am

Tuesday July 2: South Windsor @ Minnechaug, Swimmer Check In 4pm, Meet Start 5pm

Wednesday July 10: Minnechaug @ Orchard Hill Pool Club, 295 Overlook Road, Swimmer Check In 4pm, Meet Start 5pm

Wednesday July 17: Minnechaug @ Pinebrook Pool Club, 252 Forest Lane, Swimmer Check In 4pm, Meet Start 5pm

Saturday July 20: Glenbrooke @ Minnechaug, Swimmer Check In 8am, Meet Start 9am

Saturday July 27: League Championship Meet @ Pine Acres Pool Club, 196 Western Boulevard (AM TBD)

Makos Management Team 2019

Andy Ahlberg Co Head Coach

Joe Ahlberg Co Head Coach

Stephanie Gaidos

Swim Team Manager

Team Gear

Makos Gear Store - order your suit (you will order the blue suit!)

    • Team Suit is highly recommended for swim meets Orders will be shipped to your home. Once voting for the new suit has been tallied, it will be available on team store by (date coming).
    • Makos swim caps: Generic Makos caps can be purchased at practices for $9.