Minnechaug News

Minnechaug's newest addition installed on August 31st 2017 by Highlights Landscape and Design

We are pleased that Sue Husta is returning for her 4th year as our Club Director. 

Sue has had a long tradition at Minnechaug Swim and Tennis Club, a summer facility and co-operative club for families of all ages. She previously served as the club's youth swim team coach. The team has achieved many accomplishments including several summer league swim championships filled with fun and skill development.  Many Minnechaug youth swimmers have continued to excel at high school and college levels thanks to her leadership.  Sue and her husband Bruce, brought up three boys, all accomplished swimmers, who are now in their early adulthood.  

Sue  will oversee all club operations, including the management of all lifeguards, who are Red Cross Certified with AED and CPR certification. Reporting to Sue, is Minnechaug’s Head Swim Coach, now in his 5th year, Andy Ahlberg. 


President Message

Welcome to Summer 2018 Minnechaug Families! Despite a late start to Spring, we can be rest assured that a that summer will be coming soon. When you arrive, you will notice that we have made some much needed repairs and upgrades to the building! Also, a new playscape will be going in to replace the one that had broken last year. So, whether you decide to swim, relax poolside, play a game of tennis, have fun in the playground area, or grill with friends, a summer of fun is in store for all at Minnechaug Swim & Tennis Club.

Your Board of Directors has been preparing for an exciting summer season including: youth tennis programs (lessons and Glastonbury area club matches), youth league swim team practices and our swim team meet schedule along with American Red Cross certified swim lessons, many adult and family tennis events, and a variety of social activities. Our number one goal is for Minnechaug Swim & Tennis Club to be a safe, fun environment for our members, guests, and staff. Should you have any questions for the Board or recommendations throughout the summer, feel free to contact me or any Board Member. You will find our contact information in the 2018 Minnechaug Directory which can be found on our website.

Summer 2018 brings the return of Sue Husta as Minnechaug’s Club Director, Andy Ahlberg as the Head Swim Coach, and Matt Dean as our Head Tennis Professional. Please give Sue, Andy, and Matt a warm welcome back as we kickoff the summer of 2018.

Each year we say farewell to some members and welcome new members to our Minnechaug Family. Please introduce yourself to our new families and make them feel at home. If you know someone looking for a new summer home, we still have openings available. Talk to your friends and encourage them to join Minnechaug. They will be happy to be members at the best club on town!

Some important reminders for this season:

We are a Cooperative Club which means we count on all of your help to support Minnechaug by providing a minimum of eight hours of Club work. There will be numerous opportunities for you to get your work hours. You will see emails over the coming weeks and months related to work jobs opportunities. Also, feel free to just volunteer if you see something at the club that needs to be addressed, repaired, or cleaned. As a general rule, split your work hours between a social activity, and something that requires physical work to help maintain the club, as this helps us keep costs down and save on paying for things we can do ourselves. This is in our bylaws, and helps us all.

Minnechaug Club Rules are posted on the web-site and will be available to all of you. In the interest if managing costs, we won’t be printing directories this year. Please familiarize, and/or reacquaint yourself with the Club Rules. There are no changes for 2018, but if you have any questions about the rules, please contact a member of the board.

Every evening from 7:45 – 10:30 pm, a member is assigned to Pool Sit. This is done on a yearly rotating basis. These details are outlined in our Club Rules as noted above. You will see that some rules, such as guest fees, are waived for the Pool Sitter during their evening of pool sitting. However, other members are allowed to use the pool and must be thoughtful and well behaved should the Pool Sitter have a social function that evening. Attendance at the Club Pool Grounds after 7:45 pm, when the Club officially closes, is at your own risk. Loud music is not permitted and Lifeguards are not on duty at this time.

No member under the age of 16 is allowed in the pool areas when it unguarded unless ac-companied by a parent or guardian. Any guest using the pool during the unguarded period, must be accompanied by a representative of the member family who is at least 18 years old. The adult MUST be in the pool area, not in the picnic area or on the tennis courts.

All Guests must be signed in at the designated sign in area at the Pool Entrance and Tennis Courts.

We have the best five Har-Tru clay tennis courts in town as well as one hard surface. Please be respectful of your fellow members and sign up for court play on the bulletin board by the courts. If you are the last to leave the tennis courts at night, please turn off the lights to conserve energy…..Thank you.

Children unable to swim will not be permitted in the main pool unless taking swim lessons or accompanied by a parent or parent authorized guardian. Lifejackets, arm pads, or other floatation devices are not allowed in the pool. We do honor an exception to those youth swimmers that have a physical disability and rely on a floatation device to complement their swimming skills. If children are not able to swim, we expect there will always be a parent in the pool with them at an arm’s reach.

All of our guards are lifeguard certified, including CPR and AED training from the Red Cross. Those who teach swim lessons also have their Water Safety Instructors certification.

The pool will be available to all members for Lap Swimming from 6:00am – 7:30am, Monday through Friday. This is Lap swimming only, for exercise and training, and not recreational swimming. The Club is not officially open at this time and hence, there will not be any lifeguards on duty. Therefore the critical rule here is you can only enter the pool as part of a “buddy” system. Meaning you cannot be at the pool by yourself. You must have a “buddy” or “partner” with you during these morning hours.

Thank you all for being members of Minnechaug Swim and Tennis Club. Enjoy the summer! Have fun participating in our many family, youth, and adult activities or just have fun soaking in the sun and relaxing. Our #1 priority for all of us is to ensure our club is a safe and fun place to enjoy. It’s up to all of us to make sure our club stays clean and trash is properly put in the garbage containers.

Thank you!

See you around the club!

Steve Ciccalone

President, Minnechaug Swim & Tennis Club